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Wellcome to the e-paper Die Feder, which is German for "The Feather". Intention of this e-paper is supporting political discussion on a hight level.

Feel free to send articles to the editorial office for the purpose of publishing. There are following conditions:
  1. The texts have to be sent to the following e-mail-address:
  2. The addresser has to have the copyright of the text. It must be assured in the mail.
  3. The addresser declares the text free content. This means that he allows everyone to copy and spread the text.
  4. The editorial office never will change the text but maybe abridge it.
  5. The author of the text will be namened. On whish the e-mail adress is added.
  6. There is no claim to be released.
  7. The text should be in style of an essay. It should be objectively and concisely. The optimal length is one page.